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A little about my thoughts on what separates the dreamers from those who work diligently and with grace to achieve said dreams while helping others to do the same. 

Modeling is an art, it's a passion and it requires some real work without taking shortcuts.

I am a VERY hard working person who has a lust for both life and love and is incredibly passionate about all I do. No drama, just fiercely living as happily as possible.

Previous to modeling full time I spent 6 years as a Personal Banker; it was literally in my job description to create and maintain client relationships that were as personal as they were professional. I genuinely bonded with so many people that they would wait in line for hours because they knew I learned the value of being in business first and knowing their needs, supporting them, going above and beyond because of true care.

By letting my personality blast through, respect becomes mutual and built together. Solid relationships are built on thise values and are key to success in every single aspect of life.

For example, the attitude you choose to have when in challenging times (which builds your relationship with yourself and therefore creates relationships with others, in or outside of a business setting) has everything to do with your success and respectful empathy and kindness for others; everyone wins.

So of course, we all have setbacks but I firmly believe that we all have a choice to be happy or not and by choosing to be happy, we make better decisions and work harder to continue to pursue that real happiness; the kind that leaves others better off after meeting you.

Why is that important? It creates a will to go to any length to make a positive difference, to give credit where credit is due always and frequently take joy in one's own accomplishments just as much as those of others'. That breeds trust, loyalty, confidence, better work ethics and absolutely allows creativity to blossom and spread; weeding out jealousy, fear, complacency and ego which leaves behind a life of equality and a kind (yet FIERCE) nature of healthy boundaries and mutual respect.

When I am allowing myself to grow, it can be incredibly difficult but I never would wish any of it away; it has shaped me in positive ways I never thought possible and it is contagious. Imagine that attitude along with talent, passion and a knowledge of proper business etiquette and you end up with a standout of a human being. Some call it the "X Factor"; that invisible draw that some people unmistakably have because they chose to be happy every chance they could and make others happy as well for it. It is what separates an employee and employer from a beautiful, collaborative relationship.

That attitude is inspiring, it is the stepping stone from an idea to actualization, it is the foundation of emotional balance and mastering a craft with heart; it is what I strive to be. 


First and foremost, I am an artist and never "too good" to be true to your artistic vision. I don't complain; I uplift! I don't compete, I compliment honestly. 

I am your gal!



Freelance Model - 8 Years

Singer/Songwriter - 23 Years

Published Writer (Short Fiction and Peotry/Prose)- 28 years

Internationally Published 10+ times - Largest spreads: 12 pages plus a full page model bio that I wrote in Xpressions Magazine, 6 pages in Icon Magazine, amongst many, many other publications. Most widely seen: cover of Entertainment Weekly 2011; "The Women of Comic Con" in costume as Aeon Flux at San Diego Comic Con.

Seasoned Runway Model (LA, Temecula, Orange County and San Diego - those are all Fashion Weeks) along with countless other incredible runway shows in both San Diego and Los Angeles counties. 

"Miss Jetset" 2015/2016/2017/2018/2019- Placed 13th in the US in 2015, 15th in 2016, 10th in 2017, 6th in 2018 and 3rd in 2019. Voting is free. Whomever places first brings home a grand prize of $100,000 and graces the cover of Jetset Magazine.

Solid Influence Based Social Media Presence of over 41.4k+ - - 13k+ fans / - (Instagram @modelLMC ) - 47.2k+ followers - that's a total of over 60,000 fans that not only will showcase via crediting and tagging all involved with anything I post, best of all, those fans were not ever, EVER bought, they were earned.

To earn those kinds of very strong relationships took a LOT of research, a huge amount of self promotion, patience, persistence, genuine connections, resilience and well oiled, carefully intertwined-with-empathy, handmade, personal yet professional relationship experiences tailored to best suit every single individual's specific wants and needs. These skills along with a true care for those relationships are absolutely essential in any given occupation and clearly make for a better life for everyone.

Independently Contracted Costumed Entertainer and Model since 2014 for Bollotta Entertainment; San Diego based events Actor and Talent casting company for large Corporations (e.g. Scotia Bank, AIG, International Academy of Pediatrics & more), I've played roles such as Disney's Ariel and Tinkerbell, WWII End Celebration Sailor Girl, Prohibition Candy Girl and more - Entertaining Crowds of 5k+ with usually only 5-10 fellow Talents in large Hotels and aboard famous military ships, etc).

Executive Producer, CEO, Founder and Head Talent Scout at Couture Syndicate, a runway production company founded in San Diego from 2014-2015. I passed the torce after learning by doing the work of ten people to produce an entire runway event which included live art by Michael Richard Rosenblatt, DJ Yo Rider, Designer Justine Hammond of Kamoni, Designer Carolina Hernandez of Veteran Couture and owner Rigo Mateos of Mateos' Boutique, 30 models who were carefully auditioned, a brand new venue, 35 hair artists, 20 makeup artists, self promotions for 6 months in advance, multille fashion vendors, a carefully picked and large media/photography/videography presence, very high attendance of patrons who came to see the runway show and a very hands on approach to coaching everyone involved through multiple model auditions and full scale dress rehearsals and more, resulting in a flawless performance by everyone and the venue, Tin Roof San Diego's largest night of revenue since opening. I decided to begin the company and produce the first event, called "FASHION X", almost entirely on my own with some delegation of tasks to three other employees I sought out, so that I would be immersed in the other world; exactly what it took to produce a successful event of that size but from the standpoint of everyone EXCEPT the model.

This gave me a unique perspective that most models do not have as it was the hardest work of my life that was literally non-stop. I truly understood that you must have immense passion, patience, integrity and empathy to be able to manage an entire event because what truly makes the event are the PEOPLE involved. If the designers, boutique owners, models, hair artists, MUAs, venue owners/employees, runway stage construction workers, company employees, artists, DJs, vendors, press, media, photographers, and videographers are all as well informed, well taught, respected, heard, treated with the utmost care and equality and ultimately were kept as happy as possible, the event will be a success. That it certainly was, and was even written about as a cover story for Downtown San Diego News (Fashion Section) as well as other smaller media publications in San Diego as a "thrilling, multi-faceted show of overflowing talent". 

I wanted to understand the ins and outs of an entire production as many times I noticed models who complained quite a bit and couldn't understand why. Now I understand. They complain because they don't know how much time, passion, effort and heart one must spill into a single event in order for it to be a success and what the models who complain about not liking their hair/makeup/garment(s) don't understand is that when they say those things they are directly insulting the painstakingly passion-fueled art and work of everyone involved who is not a model. I saw that disrespect and so I decided to see if I could take it from a production standpoint, however briefly (I wanted to continue modeling, so I handed over Couture Syndicate to the remaining employees once FASHION X concluded), and what I can say is that a mark of a great model is one who trusts the vision, helps without being asked, strives to understand how hard everyone is working, shows appreciation and never even gives the slightest hint of displeasure for what the designer clothes them in, how their makeup or hair looks because it's simply not their personal style but instead realizes that the old saying, slightly updated, is true: "he/she can make a brown sack look amazing". This means the mark of a true model is respect, the ability to rock anything given to them, willingness to listen, show up early and prepared, be helpful, empathize, never ever mock another creative's work by saying anything, most often heard was, "I don't like it" or " I wish I could look like that other model... their hair/makeup/designer/etc is so much better than mine!" and wow I felt it when those creatives were deeply saddened by how careless some models can be simply because so many models tend to think that they are the spotlight and that it's not a collective effort. It helped me tremendously to see what really goes on behind the scenes and gave me a much deeper appreciation for all involved and I have maintained excellent business relationships with all those with whom I have worked ever since. The work and the outcome, those feelings that came from them, they truly changed my life and my career for the absolute best!


Full portfolio contains hundreds of photos ranging from:


High Fashion

Avant Garde




Swimwear (tasteful)

Lingerie / Boudoir (tasteful - no nudity)






& Many more categories



Points of Interest and More Experience


---Small speaking role in feature length independent film as a dinner guest in the movie "Andy of the Future", directed by John Morse of JMoFILMS, which shot June 26th 2016 and will be shown at Sundance Film Festival (role includes film and IMDb credit plus copy)

---Professional Cosplayer and Cosplay Model: (AKA Fantasy / Digital Art / Costuming personally a professional costume designer as well)

---Lead Actress in a Martial Arts web series "Neighborhood Groove"- full contact fighting - in 2013, directed by Arturo Adame

---Lyme Disease, Brain Cancer, Babesiosis and Bartonella Advocate and fellow fighter: using my following at times as a platform to inspire those who suffer from my same illnesses to never give up and to raise awareness across multiple venues: my own business  accounts, as a blogger for activist group "Be Kind for Lyme" and more - podcasts / blogs / public speaking etc.

---Podcast Interviewee on topic: "Modeling in Costume" for CN based "Cosplay Connect University"

---Exclusive "Modeling and Cosplay" YouTube Interviewee at San Diego Comic Con 2015 conducted on film by Actor and Comedian Kassem G of "Transformers 4" and the "California On..." Web Series

---Model and Interviewer - Cosplay - YouTube Channel / Blog / Instagram / FB and Twitter Cosplay Channels for the company "Kosplay Underground", traveling to comic conventions to get in costume and interview local cosplayers, artists, the famous and all who are standouts, then are posted on Kosplay Underground's YouTube channel 

---Singer / Songwriter - solo - since 1994. Visit for samples

---Freelance Writer under the pseudonym "Milla_Norton" at 

---Winner, "Most Stylish Model of the Year" by Model Management in 2012. Link: 






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