What is MegaFlash Models?

MegaFlash Models (MFM) formerly known as Hair Models Global (HMG), is a casting agency that has a primary focus on the hair and beauty industry (we will work in any industry vertical where hair models are needed). MFM provides model casting services for print, runway, trade shows, stylists, hair product manufacturers - hair models, and salon training academies, both in North America and abroad. Our models will change their looks for hair modeling depending on their bookings. MFM has designed a system that can keep up and capture our models' current looks. MFM also keeps track of professional images, current images, and videos. MFM has models with various levels of experience. Whether you need a hair model, a fashion model, a runway model, an editorial model, a fit model, a tradeshow model, or a spokesmodel, we are your one stop shop for finding all of your model needs. MFM is constantly scouring for new models and talent for a variety of jobs. MegaFlash Models is the best option for our clients to find models for trade shows, runway shows, hair modeling shows, fit modeling, bridal modeling, editorial/photo shoots, video shoots, commercials, and more. Clients receive model submissions by packages if requested for direct booking or models will attend castings for selection.


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Why Partner with MFM?

MegaFlash Models (MFM) has developed a model base content system that differs from our database. The MFM model base will showcase screened model profiles allowing clients to view model locations where models are needed. When you have MegaFlash Models working with you, you will notice that there is a significant difference! If there is a last minute issue, MegaFlash Models is the agency to call. We are always here for our models and our clients! Currently, clients have a packaging system that differs from the Model URL views that visitors can access in our Model Search Tab. We will set up client packages that reflect responsive and available models. Clients have the ability to add models based on model attribute, remove models from their package, share their package, and much more. Ask us to give you a walkthrough on a model search and we will leave you impressed.

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