We have updated our business name to MegaFlash Models Inc. We are formerly known as Hair Models Global, Inc. is designed to save models and clients time.

Visitors to our site have access to see a model’s professional and non-professional images.  Visitors can also see a model's current look with date stamped selfies through our model URL View.   MegaFlash offers video functionality on model profiles for models to display their videos.

Clients have MegaFlash Models client view, where MegaFlash Models will distribute content in an interactive package where models can be added from our model URL View, model images can be download in a variety of options, models can be removed, packages can be shared, packages can be stored and reviewed at a later date, clients can store and save their favorite models from MegaFlash Models. Models can also create and store notes on their packages. A lot of functionality is being updated to bring collaboration from many aspects and teams working together to create something special and unique while saving time.

Models save time by having their images, video, and composite on their model profile.  Models manage their profiles. Models may be required to update their selfies/polaroids, or update videos to give clients an up to date look of themselves. Clients can proactively engage active model profiles to contact models on a variety of opportunities in a model’s area(s).

For Clients: MegaFlash Models is a casting agency. We have access to over 20,000 models in our database at this time. Our new website,, allows clients 24/7 access to our model base, from any device that can connect to the internet. is a mobile responsive website that allows clients to search for models by location/radius and by model attribute. In order for clients to get the most out of this site, clients should sign up and request a client profile to access our site with unique functionality not available to visitors to the site. A walkthrough of functionality can be scheduled by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Clients can proactively view models on the MegaFlash website
  • Clients can request models for booking or for more model information
  • Clients may make a formal request to inquire about MegaFlash model availability, ask their models to update their selfies to see what models look like today, and have MegaFlash respond with models that are available and interested in your project directly to you
  • Clients can save their favorite models on the website's Favorite Model tab
  • Clients can request a package.

For Models:

MegaFlash is a casting agency. We are approved vendors for the largest beauty companies in the beauty industry and we are always adding new opportunities for our models.

Our collection of beauty industry clients conduct hair shows, hair events, trade shows, educational classes, runway, print, editorial, video, global campaigns, TV and more. We need a variety of models of all hair types, all ethnicities, and all hair colors. We need models for styling only roles as well as a variety of either cutting, coloring, or reshaping.

We look forward to working with you!