NEW Payment Option Available June 5th, 2019.
Our preferred methods of payment are as follows.
#1) Zelle
#2) ACH Direct Deposit
#3) A Check mailed from our bank to you. (We dislike checks for several reasons)
In addition to our already speedy payment terms already found on our casting notices and eAgreements, we are introducing a new payment option called FLASH PAYMENT.  As a model, you will get paid half now and half when the client pays MegaFlash Models.
MegaFlash Models will authorize payments for models working in the United States of America who have returned a completed W-9 Form.
If we have your W-9 Form and if we have client confirmation of your booking from the client, we will offer to pay you half of your model rate immediately post show or post shoot.  Models will receive payment either by ACH Direct Deposit or by Zelle. In the event, that you prefer the slowest and most unreliable method payment, a mailed check from our bank will take approximately 5 business days to receive. Zelle is an electronic payment that can be instantaneous in some cases but should not take more than 72 hours depends on a payment recipient's bank. ACH Direct Deposit takes 2 business days. If an issue occurs with Zelle, it may take longer. Zelle.  The other half of the model payment will be paid out when the client pays us their invoice.
FLASH PAYMENT will not deduct any fees from your posted model rates.

Standard Payment Terms

MegaFlash Models offers extremely fast payment terms for most castings in the United States of America. We pride ourselves on beating the competition's payment terms. For example, we may issue payment for models in a 14 – 30 day period when some clients, competitors, and other agencies won't issue payment for 60 to 90+ days post-event. Also, some agencies may deduct a fee for paying you faster than their already lengthy payment terms.

MegaFlash Models can also offer immediate payment on certain castings if necessary; terms and conditions apply.  Each casting notice will list a specific Payment Term for models booked at each casting or go-see.

MegaFlash Models is compensated when models book a job for our clients. We do not take initiation fees, finder's fees, guarantee fees, or any other fees whatsoever.

When you see a pay rate on our casting notice you will not be surprised with a change to your rate once booked.

We look forward to working with you!