Hair Type

  • Type 1A. Straight (Fine/Thin) – Hair tends to be very Soft, Shiny, difficult to hold a curl.
  • Type 1B. Straight (Medium) – Hair has lots of volume & body.
  • Type 1C. Straight (Coarse) – Hair is normally bone straight and difficult to Curl. Asian women usually fall into this category.
  • Type 2A. Wavy (Fine/Thin) – Hair has a definite “S” pattern. This type normally can accomplish various styles.
  • Type 2B. Wavy (Medium) – Hair tends to be frizzy, and a little resistant to styling.
  • Type 2C. Wavy (Coarse) – Hair is also resistant to styling and normally very frizzy; tends to have thicker waves.
  • Type 3A. Curly (Loose Curls) – Hair tends to have a combination texture. It can be thick & full with lots of body, with a definite “S” pattern. It also tends to be frizzy
  • Type 3B. Curly (Tight Curls) – Also tends to have a combination texture, with a medium amount of curl.
  • Type 4A. – Kinky (Soft) – Hair tends to be very Fragile, tightly coiled, and has a more defined curly pattern.
  • Type 4B. Kinky (Wiry) – Also very fragile and tightly coiled; however with a less visible curl pattern