US      Metric
Height 68.00 -
Bust Measurement 38
Waist 35"
Hips Measurement 45"
Cup Measurement DD
Dress Size 14
Hair Color Dark Brown
Hair Length Longer than Mid back to waist
Hair Type Type 2B. Wavy (Medium)
Ethnicity Other
Gender Female
Current Location San Diego,US
Other Locations Los Angeles,US
Languages Known English
Shoe Size 9.5
Gray Hair 1%-25% Grey
Have Freckles? Yes
Eye Color Brown
Have Tatoos? None
Have Piercing? None
Skin Color Olive
Wear wefts or extensions? No

Gender : Female

Hello! I've modeled my hair and have very long, thick, slightly wavy dark brown hair that naturally reflects a lot of light. It's almost down to my hips and I keep it natural and always get people approaching me, raving about my hair, asking if it's real (yes! ;) and what do I use on it (natural products), so am a walking billboard for whoever styles my hair, and I'm open to changes in color and going shorter, layering, styling, etc. I would love a carmel balayage or ombre! I'd be willing.... Read More

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